After School Programs

The Computer School After School Program

 The Parents Association and the staff of The Computer School are committed to offering a healthy social environment for students during the after school hours. Our mission is to provide a venue where students from The Computer School have an opportunity to socialize with each other, explore new ideas, show their talents and learn from each other.

The activities during After School hours are meant to contribute to the philosophy and culture of The Computer School, creating a student-centered environment that reflects their creativity, encourages their initiative, and opens them up to new discoveries. Most activities during After School hours are facilitated by Computer School teachers.

Thanks to a DOE funding initiative via a grant from DYCD, we are able to partner with Manhattan Youth, a community-based organization with a history of success in running afterschool programs for DOE schools. As a result of this fully funded partnership, participation in the CS After School program is currently FREE for all families!


To learn more, check out the Manhattan Youth Computer School Page. 
Please email Sean Hopkins with any questions about your child’s after school activities. 
Here are some key dates. Please check Jupiter messages and/or your email for the details and links. 
Info Sessions on Fall After School 
-9/8/2021: Meeting Via Zoom @ 5 pm
-9/13/2020: Meeting Via Zoom @ 6 pm
-9/15/2020: Meeting Via Zoom @ 10 am

Additional Dates
-9/10/2021: List of After School offering for the FALL will be sent to ALL families.
-9/13- 10/1/2021: Online Sign up for activities. Form goes live 9/13 at 2 pm. 
-9/20/2021: After School Begins.

Here's the latest from Sean Hopkins - September, 2021
We are so excited to launch After School in the next few weeks!
Please read this information sheet as it has the complete list of classes,  the list of dates when you will be able to sign students up for activities, and FAQ's

ALL PARTICIPANTS must have a yearly DYCD packet on file.
All DYCD paperwork is now paperless and completed using the discover DYCD portal.
• “Did I already sign my student up for classes in “FORMSITE”?”
-– No- There was a system error and some parents were able to find a registration link for a previous year's registration.
• “Where will we sign up for classes?”
-– After you’ve completed the DYCD paperwork your student is eligible for services. The CLASS registration will be completed using GOOGLE FORMS.
* THE GOOGLE FORMS link will be sent Friday, September 10th, and will go live MONDAY September 13th at 2 pm.
Sean Hopkins, Director
Phone: 917.441.1236, ext. 4
Angelique Beverly, Assistant Director
Phone: 917.441.1236, ext. 4

Daily Schedule

3:30 pm is when activities begin. 

More updates to come!