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STEAM Lunch Box

 steamThe future needs people who can creatively Make.
STEAM Lunch Box is a workshop atmosphere wherein students are encouraged to be curious, to tinker, experiment, and create with technology. Kids interact with digital design and fabrication, physical computing, and computer programming.

Mr. Novick, the STEAM Lab teacher, hosts STEAM Lunch Box, where students can build interactive systems, sharpen their skills, and discover new ways to innovate. 

So, what is STEAM?  It's the interdisciplinary space in which Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math are part of the creative and learning process. Students combine equipment, media, and creative problem solving in a convivial, collaborate space with passionate participants. Students often expand on projects that they began in class, Enrichment, or After School, and new ideas are sparked by interacting with others in the STEAM Lunch Box. We keep discovering, we keep innovating, giving ourselves and our community food for thought and action. 

Questions? Contact Mr. Novick!