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At The Computer School, we pride ourselves on being a community that is warm, welcoming, and connected. Each week, Sara Sloves, Parent Coordinator, will send you a Weekly Newsletter that will share the latest events as well as resources and updates on school activities. Jessica Shalom, Principal, School Counselor, Erin Hill, and teachers will also send out announcements to keep you up-to-date and plugged into the CS community. 

Along with the Weekly Newsletters, you are welcome to reach out to your child's teachers, or to have your child reach out to his/her/their teachers via email or Jupiter Ed.  Additionally, Tuesday mornings from 8:30 - 9 am are dedicated parent contact time. If you would like to get in touch with a teacher, this is a great time to reach out. 
We also host regular events and ways to connect, from Sara's Coffee Talk, CS Parent Association Meetings, Workshops, Conferences, Potluck Breakfasts, and various performances. We hope to see you throughout the year!