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Orientation for New Families!

Welcome Class of 2024! 

Update, June 10th, 2021
Dear 5th Grade Families, 
I hope that you are doing well, enjoying the spring, and that your current schools are planning some meaningful ways to honor and celebrate your children's hard work, growth, and accomplishments.  Congratulations on your upcoming graduations!
We are thrilled to welcome you to The Computer School, and we were so happy to see many of you on Monday.
The storm came and went and we had a great time! 
*If you missed the June 16th event, a recording was emailed to you, plus the slides.*
-June 16th, Wednesday, 5:30 pm via Zoom: For You, Parents & Guardians
In contrast to last year, when we were not sure what the fall would look like, this year we know that we'll all learn together at The Computer School, live, in-person, this fall. We are extremely excited to see you every day of the school week. Of course, we'll maintain safety measures so that we stay healthy, feel safe, and can focus all of our energy on adjusting to middle school and getting the most out of our engaging classes. One of the ways we can get start to get you ready is by hosting Orientations.
Henry Zymeck, Principal, Jessica Shalom, Assistant Principal, Sara Sloves, Parent Coordinator, Erin Hill, School Counselor, and Jennifer Schoen, ELA teacher, will speak to you about next year, Summer Reading, and more. 
*Questions/Discussions, including the option to join the Breakout group with Learning Specialist, Katie, Furr, on IEP's and learning support. 
-June 17th, Thursday, 5 pm via Zoom: For the students!
Students will join online group discussions with current CS student leaders and a CS adult moderator. We want your children to feel welcomed and connected as they join the CS family.
*Welcomes: Henry Zymeck, Principal, Jessica Shalom, Assistant Principal, Sara Sloves, Parent Coordinator, Erin Hill, School Counselor, and Ms. Seuling, ELA teacher and Academic Coordinator, will speak to you about next year and Summer Reading. You'll also get a virtual tour! 
*Breakout Groups with Student Leaders. 
The Zoom links were sent out to you via email. Again, if you missed these, a recording from June 16th was sent out, and slides were sent out on June 20th. 
-June 18th, Friday, 9 - 10 am: Coffee Talk @ Da Capo Café
-322 Columbus Avenue between 75th and 76th Streets, outside tables
Current and incoming adults are welcome to stop by to say hello, get a coffee or tea, and connect with one another. 
Your beverages are my treat! Coffee Talks are regular events that take place about every 2 weeks throughout the school year. There's typically no agenda, just meeting with other parents, me, asking questions, sharing ideas and experiences, and making friends. 
Update: It was great to see you!! 
-Coffee Talk @ Café Virtual: Coming soon 
I'll host a Coffee Talk via Zoom as well so you can meet some other CS folks remotely. 
You will receive an email with the zoom link and I'll post it here.
Summer Reading
Our goal is for you all to love reading, explore new perspectives through a vast array of genres, lives, and cultures, and to inspire your imagination. The Summer Reading will consist of a list of core books, of which students should read two (or others of their own choosing.) The books will be at various reading levels appropriate for your children; they should pick the one that catches their eye the most!
We'll also have an "All Community Read" that we hope all of you adults will read, too.
Our entire staff will be joining in that, as well as reading the other books. 
Here is the Summer Reading and book recommendations - please enjoy!  Summer Reading Letter
Also, here are books rising 6th graders recommended to each other during their orientation.
Brave Conversations 3.0: June 23rd, 6:30 - 7:30 pm
The CS Equity Team will be hosting an event, Brave Conversations 3.0, wherein CS adults and students address issues of equity, social justice, and how we can engage around topics that are important to our growth, compassion, and empowerment. 
This Wednesday's event will be the third annual community forum for the Computer School community to discuss race and implicit bias as we work to dismantle the systems of oppression in our world. The evening will include student performances and voices, insights from education and equity professionals, opportunities for participation from parents, an open dialogue, action steps and resources for continued growth for our beloved CS community. 
Whether you are a graduating 8th grade family or a rising 6th grade family, this power hour event is absolutely for you. Let us come together and grow together for the betterment of our nation.  
Please register in advance for this meeting. A link was sent out via email on June 20th. 
Again, we welcome you and we are excited that we are getting to know you!
Be well... 
Sara Sloves
Parent Coordinator