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Orientation for New Families!

Welcome Class of 2023! 

Update, June 25th, 2020
Dear 5th Grade Families, 
I hope that this message finds you healthy and safe, and that your current schools are planning some meaningful ways to honor and celebrate your children's hard work, growth, and many accomplishments. 
Each year, The Computer School chooses a theme that is woven into our year's curriculum and activities, a lens through which we can frame our learning experiences, community and world events, and our personal growth. 
The 2020 - 2021 year's theme is Resilience. 
By now, I am certain that you know something about this concept in a palpable way. You have all had to draw upon and strengthen your resilience. As parents and guardians, you've put on your proverbial oxygen mask first (and your actual mask) and made sure your kids got through this unprecedented experience - both due to the pandemic and the injustices we have witnessed. We'll continue to explore Resilience as a community as we continue to support one another. 
It was great to see you at Orientation!
If you missed the virtual orientations, please check out our Padlet for Incoming Students!
This page has a ton of information, a welcome video from students, welcome videos from teachers, Summer Reading, a message from our Peer Leaders and more.
The recordings of the orientations were emailed shortly after Tuesday's event; if you did not receive the message please email Sara Sloves. The Monday recording is the entire event; the Tuesday recording is of the first 15 minutes, shortly before we entered breakout rooms.
For You, Parents & Guardians: June 22nd, Monday, 5:30 pm via Zoom
*We know that you, as we all do, have questions about what the fall will look like. Will we have a combination of distance learning and in-school learning? How will that work? What will the schedule look like? Inquiring minds want to know, and we are not sure yet. I feel like every day we are hitting the refresh button on the current status browser. What will we definitely talk about? The Agenda:
Henry Zymeck, Principal, Jessica Shalom, Assistant Principal, Sara Sloves, Parent Coordinator, Erin Hill, School Counselor, Sean Hopkins, After School, Nicole Chu, ELA, on Summer Reading, The Parent Association Co-Presidents. 
Questions/Discussions, including the option to join the Breakout group with Ms.Katie Furr, Learning Specialist, on IEP's and learning support. 
For your kids: June 23rd, Tuesday, 4:30 pm via Zoom 
*We will be engaging your children with online group discussions with current CS student leaders. A CS adult will moderate the groups. We want your children to feel welcomed and connected. I hope to facilitate a continuation of that connection over the summer.
Welcomes: Principal Zymeck, Ms. Shalom, Ms. Sloves
Breakout Groups with Student Leaders. 
The Zoom link and the Pre-meeting Question Form were sent out to you via email. If you don't see a message from me dated 6/18, please check your spam folder or contact me. 
Coffee Talk @ Café Virtual: Coming soon (You will receive an email and I'll post it here.)
*Also, I'll host a more casual Zoom, an event I host regularly during the school year, called Coffee Talk. When I host it in person, it's at a local café near school; lately it's at Café Virtual via Zoom. Current parents, some of whom are among you, will also be there to connect and share with you. .
Our goal is for you all to love reading, explore new perspectives through a vast array of genres, lives, and cultures, and inspire your imagination. The list includes 11 core books, of which students should read at least one. The books will be at various reading levels appropriate for your children - they should pick the one that catches their eye the most! We'll also have an "All Community Read" that we hope all of you adults will read, too! Our entire staff will be joining in that, as well as reading the other books. This year, our All Community Read is the student version of "Just Mercy" by Bryan Stevenson. We've also added a list of teacher and staff recommended books that we think you and your family will find engaging. Enjoy! 
The CS website: ASM page and more. 
I expect that, by now, most of you have browsed the CS website. 
I recently posted our Virtual All School Meetings which are hosted by 8th graders. Take a look when you have a chance by clicking here.
Soon, I will post more student work on the Subject Spotlight page, too. 
If you didn't already see it, you can view the Shared Resources Page, to which I'll be adding. 
In light of recent events, we are hosting an event that we hope you can attend. It's hosted by a beloved and brilliant teacher, Diamond Skinner, and a two-time CS parent, Kate Gerson, an educator and leader in equitable education.
I have also included some resources for you HERE on Race, Conversations, and Learning More, along with some photos that I hope make you smile. 
-June 10th, Wednesday, 7 - 8 pm via the Zoom Webinar format
Please read more HERE.
There is a link you can use to register.
Also, this: Lincoln Center Concerts for Kids - really beautiful.I watched this yesterday - twice! 
From May 18th, 2020:
Dear 5th Grade Families,
We are excited to meet you virtually and in real life! 
Please stay tuned for more information on upcoming activities that will welcome you to The Computer School community and help you get a sense of what to expect as we move toward the fall of 2020. 
We hope that you are healthy and safe, and that your 5th grade graduation - although virtual - will be meaningful and joyous. 
I sent a letter out to everyone who is listed as attending CS in the fall; in the event you did not receive it, pleas check your spam folder, and/or let me know. Here it is as well:
We are thrilled that you and and your children will be part of The Computer School community this coming fall! We are looking forward to meeting the class of 2023, seeing some of you again with your younger children, and starting the new school year on a hopeful note.
If you have decided NOT to accept your child's seat at The Computer School:
Please let us know as soon as possible. You can email me directly, and/or briefly fill out this form.
Your Contact Information
Being as I only have contact information for one parent, please feel free to add the name, email, and phone number for your child's other parent/guardian HERE if applicable. 
I have good news and... more good news! 
We are currently planning activities for families in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned for more information. 
You may also visit our Shared Resources page; there is a range of resources there, from mental health, food, as well as ways in which you can find art, music, or just funny videos to give you a much needed laugh. (There are some good music and chill out videos, too. They really help!)
Again, we welcome you, we are excited to meet you, and stay tuned for more. 
Be well... 
Sara Sloves
Parent Coordinator