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Orientation for New Families!

Welcome Class of 2026!

Dear 5th Grade Families, 
It was great getting to know some of you last spring! I hope you have had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to the first days of school! 
Summer Reading
Our goal is for you all to love reading, explore new perspectives through a vast array of genres, lives, and cultures, and to inspire your imagination. The Summer Reading will consist of a list of core books, of which students should read two (or others of their own choosing.) The books will be at various reading levels appropriate for your children; they should pick the one that catches their eye the most!
We'll also have an "All Community Read" that we hope all of you adults will read, too.
Our entire staff will be joining in that, as well as reading the other books. 
Here is the Summer Reading and book recommendations - please enjoy!
Also, here are books this year's 6th graders recommended to each other during their orientation.
We'l see you soon!
Sara Sloves
Parent Coordinator