The Computer School Admissions

 Students must live in District 3 or currently attend a District 3 elementary school in order to apply to The Computer School.  Students are not required to attend a tour or Open House in order to apply to The Computer School.

Middle school applications are submitted through If you have not been provided access to this site, please contact your current public school or the District 3 Family Welcome Center's Office of Student Enrollment at 388 West 125th Street. If you are currently enrolled in an independent school or a school outside of the district (but live in District 3), the district office will assist you in establishing a application. Applications are typically due the first week of December.

Admissions Criteria

The information below displays what is considered when students apply.

If you have questions for the enrollment office, you may call the Family Welcome Center at 212.342.8300 and ask for Middle School Enrollment.

Admissions Rubric 

  • Sending school info from MySchools: 40 points
    -Individual academic achievement, personal behaviors,
     academic habits, collaboration
  • State Exam Scores: 40 points
  • Attendance: 20 points
As stated above, personal and academic behaviors, habits, and collaboration will be considered, along with individual academic achievement. 
Scores will be translated to a 40-point max scale based on scaled score.
Students will be evaluated on a 20-pt scale.
An absence will have double the weight of a lateness.
Extenuating circumstances will be considered and scores adjusted when justified.
Pursuant to CDS3/DOE policy, a fixed percentage of seats designated for students receiving either ICT or 12:1 services. Qualifying students will match to these seats according to their ranking relative to other students in this subgroup.

Siblings of current or former students receive preferred consideration.

25% of seats will be set aside for lower performing economically disadvantaged students who are designated as eligible for two subgroups based on criteria established by CSD3 and the DOE. Qualifying students will match to these seats according to their ranking relative to other students in their subgroup.

In cases when there is missing or incomplete academic, behavioral, attendance, or NYS test score information in MySchools, we will work with students and parents as necessary. 

Greetings, 5th Grade Families!

I hope that you and your families are well, navigating Distance Learning as smoothly as possible, and staying virtually connected.  We are charting new territory this year, and I hope that we can make the best of challenging  circumstances - as difficult as it may seem at times.
By now you should have received your Middle School Offers. We hope you are pleased with your placement, but we know that many of you are on waitlists and may have questions. Please refer to this Admissions Waitlist Q & A as it may help you determine your next steps.
Your School Counselor may also be able to guide you, as well as the Family Welcome Center for District 3  at 212.342.8300. Of course, you are welcome to write to me if you have any additional questions. 
Note: In May, I will post information about some sort of  Orientation for Fall 2020 Incoming students. 
Thank you for your interest and your enthusiasm! Please take care of yourselves. 



Sara Sloves &

All of us at CS


If you have questions about our admissions process, please contact Sara Sloves at