CS Parents Association

The Computer School Parents Association

The Computer School Parents Association (CSPA) is vital to our school and helps with many things throughout the year:
  • Social and community building events such as the BBQs and school dance & game nights
  • Raise money through pledge drives and the annual auction
  • Support teachers through procuring essential educational materials, ensuring participation in trips that expand a child’s thinking and funding special arts programming
  • Support all our students having access to test prep classes outside of the school day, regardless of income restrictions
  • Support parents through raising pertinent issues at PA meetings, and through connecting with specialists related to the topic of parenting t(w)eens in today’s environment

CSPA budget pays for:

Enrichment, Educational Programs, Computer School staffing and subsidizing school trips.  
Additionally CSPA funds or subsidizes community events.

Your role:

Every parent or legal guardian of students currently enrolled at The Computer School is automatically a member of the CSPA. The PA relies on each and every family to support the school through our family giving or volunteering time.

Executive PA Board (2021-2022)

General Inquiries
[email protected]

Executive Board
[email protected]

Lauren Bach, Dana Marnin, Greg Parets
[email protected]

Vice Presidents of Communications
To be elected 
[email protected]

Vice Presidents of Community Affairs
To be elected 

[email protected]

After School Liaison
To be elected 
[email protected]

Vice Presidents of Fundraising
Sarah Babcock & To be elected 
[email protected]


Scott Bieker
[email protected]

Co-Recording Secretaries
 Deanna Duque & To be elected 
[email protected]

6th Grade Reps
To be elected 
[email protected]

Greg Parets

Upcoming Meetings

Check out our calendar for upcoming meetings.


Meeting Minutes

PA Executive Board Meeting

September 2020



PA Policies

CS PA By-Laws
DOE Regulations
(to be posted)