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CS Parents Association

The Computer School Parents Association

The Computer School Parents Association (CSPA) is vital to our school and helps with many things throughout the year:
  • Social and community building events such as the BBQs and school dance & game nights
  • Raise money through pledge drives and the annual auction
  • Support teachers through procuring essential educational materials, ensuring participation in trips that expand a child’s thinking and funding special arts programming
  • Support all our students having access to test prep classes outside of the school day, regardless of income restrictions
  • Support parents through raising pertinent issues at PA meetings, and through connecting with specialists related to the topic of parenting t(w)eens in today’s environment

CSPA budget pays for:

Enrichment, Educational Programs, Computer School staffing and subsidizing school trips.  
Additionally CSPA funds or subsidizes community events.

Your role:

Every parent or legal guardian of students currently enrolled at The Computer School is automatically a member of the CSPA. The PA relies on each and every family to support the school through our family giving or volunteering time.

Executive PA Board (2019-2020)

General Inquiries

Executive Board

Jamie Conroy, Beth Polish

Vice Presidents of Communications
Alina Larson, Lise Yellen

Vice Presidents of Community Affairs
Joshua Ehrlich, Nicole Miller

After School Liaison
Dana Marnin

Rebecca Friedricks
Tiana Mandukich

David Arroyo, Jennifer Rockwood
Michael Hong

Recording Secretaries
Kristen Berger, Andrea Stickley

6th Grade Reps
Kristen Neimeth, Fantei Robinson

TBA – One Position Open

Upcoming Meetings

Check out our calendar for upcoming meetings.


Meeting Minutes

(to be posted)



PA Policies

CS PA By-Laws
DOE Regulations
(to be posted)