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Buy CS Gear

Classic CS Gear

The Computer School offers clothing items with the classic CS design.
Check out the slideshow below! 
We've got t-shirts, hoodies - pullover and zip up, hats, tank tops, dry-fit shorts, and flannel pj's. 

*t-shirts (black or grey); tanks (black): $10
*long sleeved t-shirts (grey) $15
*pullover hoodies (black or grey): $20
*pullover hoodie with hockey style drawstrings: $25
*Zip-up hoodies (black): $25
*Hats: $10
*Dry-fit shorts: $10
*PJ pants: $20
More items to come...
You can use this form to order; the form accepts credit cards.
If you'd prefer to pay by check or cash, you can order on the form and then send the payment to school with your child, or email Sara Sloves directly to place your order. 
If we don't have the size you need, or you'd like me to order some new CS item, let me know!

Personalized / Sports CS Gear

We know you are creative, so CS offers you the opportunity to design your own signature CS style! 
You can order online through our MyLocker store.