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Environment for Advanced Learning Accelerated, progressive, public education in District 3 since 1983
The mission of the Computer School is to prepare a diverse population of learners with the academic and social skills necessary to be leaders in their community.  Through our accelerated, hands-on curriculum, students are challenged to solve problems collaboratively, to think critically, to reflect on their work, and to transfer their learning to the world beyond the classroom.  The Computer School aims to develop open-minded and well-rounded students through extensive engagement with the arts and technology in addition to traditional classroom disciplines.  We extend learning beyond the walls of the classroom and continually challenge students to make interdisciplinary connections. The Computer School empowers students to play an active role in their own education, their own community, and the world at large.

Latest News

CS Orientation June 5th! Featured Photo

CS Orientation June 5th!

We look forward to welcoming our fall incoming 6th graders, class of 2027! A message was sent to incoming families with all of the details. We'll see you at 5 pm!
CS Auction Party - May 29th!! Featured Photo

CS Auction Party - May 29th!!

We hope to see many of you at the CS Auction, hosted by the wonderful CS Parent Association. It's always a festive and friendly event, celebrating the community and raising funds at the same time. Read on for more info!
5/23 PA Meeting: Learn more about the HS Process Featured Photo

5/23 PA Meeting: Learn more about the HS Process

This Thursday, May 23rd on Zoom, 8th grade students and their adults will share some of their wisdom and experiences about applying to high school in NYC. Find out more about how to navigate this, how to support one another, and how to keep calm and carry on.
The Wizard of Oz - The CS School Musical! Featured Photo

The Wizard of Oz - The CS School Musical!

Click your heels and travel to the land of Oz with The Computer School!
Our Musical Theatre cast and crew will dazzle you with a tale told with talent and flare!

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