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Would you like to learn more about applying to high school in NYC?

If you missed the mist recent High School Information Workshop that I held with Ms. Katie Miller (Katherine Miller Consultants) and a rep from Bee Tutored, click on the link to watch the recorded version. (It is 1.5 hours long - use the option to speed it up if you like!). 
HS Info Workshop Video



Please watch this video: How Students Get Offers to New York City Public Schools

Please visit the DOE’s High School Webpage for many resources and information:

  1. 6th and 7th grade families:
Here are some free resources to help you with the high school admissions process, courtesy of ApplerouthTutoring, NYC Admissions Solutions and Bee Tutored
TESTING GUIDE all about NYC high school admissions testing, with everything you need to know about selective high school tests, including the newly designed SHSAT. Here

7th grade families:

Maurice Frumkin from NYC Admissions Solutions (former DOE high school admissions official) has created a blog with a great deal of advice; please check it out! 
We hope this helps you as you start to think about high school admissions for your child!

Students who tour high school during the school day must return to school with a note from the high school visited. This note must be given to his/her homeroom teacher for attendance purposes. Attendance can only be changed to reflect a tour (non-absence) if the student provides us with documentation.  Any questions, please contact the Main Office at 917-441-1236.

This coming fall...
As we learn more about how school will look in the fall you'll receive updates about how to explore schools that may interest you. Stay well! 


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