Vote now for AC in the Gym!

I hope you're having a nice week of April showers -- and happy Friday, the tests are over!
Please take a minute to vote for the cooling system in the CS gym.
Help us reach the finish line! 

Who can vote?
-Anyone in 6th grade or older with a "special relationship" to the UWS can vote, even if they don't live in the district (i.e. all the students! but also anyone else who works at the school or is involved with the UWS in any way).
-You do not have to be "registered to vote" or a citizen. ANYONE can vote.
Voting is possible through Sunday.
Here is the link - it will take about 2 minutes total.
-Select your language if it's not English.
-The site will ask: Do you know your district? Click Yes, so that then you can scroll down to District 6, Gale Brewer.
-You'll enter your name and affirm you have a connection to the District.
-You'll enter your phone number and the site will send you a code to enter.
-Once you enter the code, you'll see the things you can vote on.-You can scroll all the way down and you'l see:
Upgrade Gym with Cooling System: William O’Shea School Complex (MS247, MS245 and MS44)
-You cast your vote and you are done!
-The site will ask you for some demographic info; you can do that if you want to.
Thank you so much!! We are already so cool at CS, now we can be *literally* cool in the gym!
Have a great weekend!
All of us in the O'Shea Complex Building