Picture Days: Retake is Groundhog Day!

Instructions were sent to you via Jupiter Ed that will enable you view the proofs. Hard copies of the proofs were sent home as well. I'll send a google form so you can RSVP to Groundhog Retake Day. 
From December:
December 14th, Tuesday: All 6th and 7th graders will be photographed.
You will come down to the auditorium in groups and quietly wait for your turn.
It won't take long; there will be two photographers.
Please keep in mind that the other schools will be in the auditorium at times for classes.
December 15th, Wednesday: All 8th graders will be photographed in caps and gowns. You will also come down to the auditorium in groups.

You'll put on a cap and gown, and the photographers will bring the 2022 tassel for the caps.
If your hair is beautifully braided or your sporting a glorious afro, you do not have to wear the cap; you can just hold it.
Are there group photos?
Yes and no. We don't take group photos on picture day.
The group photo you get, if you order one, is printed with each of your individual photos together.