Spring into Action: Discover your Passion!

Each day, students will have:

-a subject-based activity;
-independent reading (a log will be on the ELA Google Classroom);
-a physical wellness activity;
-a free choice activity (located on p.2 of the schedule).

Some of the work is linked to the schedule page and other work will be posted on the subject class's Google Classroom. This is the schedule for the experience

If your child will be missing days of school due to religious observance, please email attendance@thecomputerschool.org.

Today marked the lucky 13th day of online learning at the Computer School, as well as the first virtual All School Meeting. Your kids have already seen the video, but here's a peek at what our All School Meetings look like (just imagine 400 kids in the auditorium and lots of cheering in the background).
Watch the Virtual ASM here!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday if you're celebrating. Thank you, as always, for your trust, your patience, and your partnership.
Jessica Shalom, Assistant Principal
All of us at CS
Please be sure to view the Distance Learning page and the Shared Resources Page if you have not already:!