CS Distance Learning

Note: This page will soon be updated to reflect our fall plan once it is complete. 
Dear CS Families, 
We hope that you are all doing well.
Please read the following: 

If you had something change with your technology needs at home, please fill in this survey offered by the DOE, who will connect you to an iPad. For the safety of the school's staff, we are no longer reporting to the building to distribute computers.

We thank you for your patience, your trust, and your partnership as we embark on this new chapter of Computer School learning.
Also, please check out the Shared Resources page for ways to engage remotely in art, exercise, music, and more. 
The Computer School Staff

The Computer School 

Distance Learning Questions & Answers

This schedule says my child will be “in school” from 9:00-3:30.
Why is the day longer than the normal school day?

Our distance learning schedule has schoolwork and homework built into one day, so it appears (slightly) longer.
We have also added in breaks and daily exercise.

Does my child have to follow this schedule exactly?

This schedule is designed to help your child (and you) organize your days. There may be times when teachers are streaming a live video or are hosting a Google HangOut or a Zoom video conference. Those are not mandatory, though they’re recommended. If it works best for your family to organize things differently, that’s fine. If you have questions about schedules and your family, contact Ms. Shalom. We understand that right now we’re working under all different constraints.   

How often does my child have to log into Google Classroom?

Every day! Whether your child is following the recommended schedule or not, they are responsible for all of the day’s work.  We will be monitoring attendance based on the completion of the day’s work. If your child does not log in and does not complete work, teachers will be following up. If that’s not successful, the school’s administration will follow up.

How can we maximize distance learning?

Try to make your days as normal as possible. Set an alarm for the morning. Set reminders for when classes meet. Set up a workspace in a place that’s less distracting. Limit phone use to during breaks. For Google Hangouts or Zoom video conferences, refer to this graphic  for video conference etiquette.

What are the expectations for online behavior?

All expectations are the same as they are when we’re physically in the building. All communications should be in line with DOE expectations. If there are concerns about inappropriate behavior, please contact Mr. Zymeck.

What are office hours?

This is when teachers might host a Google Hangout or a Zoom video meeting.  They could have a live Q&A session. It’s a time when teachers will be available online for quick response. Remember, teachers have a lot of students, so email responses might not be immediate. 

What about second marking period report cards?

We are still moving ahead with MP2 report cards on 4/3/20. They will be emailed home.

What about grades during distance learning?

Students will continue to receive written feedback and grades during distance learning. Teachers will continue to share rubrics and to grade students based on rubrics.  

How often should my child be expecting to get feedback?

Students should receive feedback at least once per week from each class.

What if I have a question for a teacher or staff member?

Email us! Everyone continues to be available via email. 

How quickly should I expect teachers to respond to student questions?

Teachers should respond within 24 hours. Remember, this is new for everyone so if communication takes a little longer at the beginning, don’t be concerned.

What about after school offerings?

The Manhattan Youth team and Ms. Sloves are working on a list of enrichment activities and opportunities.

What if my child is too sick to complete work?

Follow the (old) Computer School procedure and email the Computer School’s attendance email.

What if my child receives speech, counseling, OT, or PT services?

Your child’s service provider will be reaching out to you to schedule services. 

What if my child receives special education services?

Your child’s IEP point person will be reaching out to check in and to ensure that your child’s needs are met during distance learning.

What if my child is struggling academically and needs support?

Reach out to your child’s teacher(s).

What if my child is struggling emotionally and needs support?

Reach out to our school counselor, Ms. Hill.

What if I have a suggestion for improving distance learning at CS?

Reach out to Ms. Shalom or Mr. Zymeck.

What if I have a general question?

Our parent coordinator, Sara Sloves, is still as available as ever remotely.